Adil Majid

196 days ago

"The question is: Which coin wins in the end in terms of market adoption, and by inference, market value over the next 12–24 months. If it’s based on the current network effect, Bitcoin will win hands down. If Bitcoin Cash’s philosophy proves to be superior and it can build a bigger network by attracting the businesses than can no longer run on Bitcoin due to high fees, even while sacrificing some areas of centralization, then it has a chance of building the bigger network effect and having a higher coin price as a result."

A Tale of Two Bitcoins

Nobody could have summed up my thoughts on 2017 any better than Charles Dickens. It was the year where the totality of eventualities that unfolded were absolutely unpredictable at the outset of the year. I have a feeling 2018 will be no different in that respect.