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Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

13 days ago

Meltdowns Have Brought Progressive Advocacy Groups to a Standstill at a Critical Moment in World History

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

68 days ago

So yeah. There's this.

(And it's not new I documented this first in 2020 in my Misinformation Database, but now it takes on a whole new meaning).

Tell me again about propaganda? 🤔

Russian troll farms aiming disinformation war at Canadian anti-vaxxers: Global Affairs expert

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

72 days ago

Why Critical Race Theory Should Be Taught In Schools ❧ Current Affairs

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

72 days ago

16 Sex Questions You Should Ask Your Partner If You Want Hotter Sex

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

145 days ago

Why is there now such an affinity between antivaxxers and fascism?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

167 days ago


I’ve Met the Covidiots of 2022

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

222 days ago

Wow 👌

Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t convicted because, in America, white reasoning rules

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

229 days ago

One of the best discussions yet.

Chakras, crystals and conspiracy theories: how the wellness industry turned its back on Covid science

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

233 days ago

'Thirty-, 40- and 50-year-olds shouldn't be dying at this level': A day in a Victoria ICU

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

275 days ago

Stop Calling It a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

329 days ago


Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

369 days ago

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on the business of Windows

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

422 days ago

Holy crap, this is huge. If this isn't a motivator to stop eating processed foods, I don't know what is.

And even I'll admit I've let more creep into my diet lately.

(Processed foods = any "food" item that is ready made: if you can't make it in your own kitchen, then you shouldn't be eating it. I don't know about you but I don't keep hydrogenated fat, modified starches or food colouring in my spice cabinet, do you?)

"For every percent increase in processed foods participants consumed, the same increase in cancer rates was found."

I don't even know where to begin, I highlighted so many lines that I may as well have highlighted the while thing.

Please read, share, buy organic and especially - make your meals from scratch as often as you can.

Taking back our meals, taking back our health is one of the largest gateways into social change - because yes it can sometimes be more expensive and time consuming ... Shouldn't you be angry about that? Why is cancer cheaper? Why don't we have enough time to make nutritious food anymore? 🤔👇

3 Surprising Lessons From the World’s Largest Nutrition Study

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

430 days ago

Earth Jurisprudence: what you need to know

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

433 days ago

The dark history of Canada's Food Guide: How experiments on Indigenous children shaped nutrition policy

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

434 days ago

The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

477 days ago

Inside Kelly Brogan’s Covid-Denying, Vax-Resistant Conspiracy Machine

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

497 days ago

The Science of Reasoning With Unreasonable People

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

524 days ago

What Will Happen With Far-Right Extremists After Trump? Experts Fear The Worst

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

548 days ago

The revolutionary push continues. Legitimizing what we've known for decades.

"According to Professor Nutt, the ‘war on drugs’ that’s been waging since the 70s is responsible for this burden, by setting back the research into psychedelic medical treatments, and preventing adequate treatments by at least 50 years.

‘This has caused about a million excess deaths a year, due to the failures of being able to access medication.’"

Are psychedelic drugs the future of treating mental illness?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

588 days ago

Wow... I can't stress the importance of this article enough. Please take a moment to read & share it with your loved ones.

"Her point is that this world-weariness so many of us are feeling could be misdiagnosed as depression. It’s not.

“This is not a clinical depression, but it might be called that traditionally,” Boss explains. “It is a normal reaction to a pathological situation.”

That is not depression for Boss, but she does find that grief is often mislabelled as depression. “Sadness hangs over you. It’s real, it’s painful, it’s suffering and it’s normal.”

“The more you allow people to feel the grief, the sooner they will find a new way to live life without what they’ve lost... ”

Feeling Sad During Hard Times Is Not Depression

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

596 days ago

This was so good. Well worth the read.

And to me... That's the point.

I tend to write and read longer form articles, I like deep dives into topics I'm interested in.

But it seems more and more these days, people just "don't have time" - friends don't read an article I poured my heart into - yet I see on a daily basis their phones pinging in constant distractions.

I keep my phone on silent, and have distraction blockers installed on my computer & phone. Why? So that I can be more mindful, more present with the time I have.

And yet, with these methods I feel like I'm an outlier, a weirdo. When in fact, as articles like this show - it's really quite the other way around - and extremely unhealthy and unhappy, to not have a bit more intention and purpose with the time we have.

Essentially - I try to live in the days where all we had were books and phones. If something is important, you pick up the phone for a quality call with friends (today, a focussed text chat is the same), and books are a calm focussed experience, rather than piecemeal blurbs training our minds distraction rather than patience.

This is why I use apps like Pocket to help me read on what I want, and funnel all my communications into simple texting. The other methods - I'll get to, but I'd rather not have them distract me all day.

Living a life with constant barrages of time theft makes me wonder how little sense of purpose we must really have. I think in the future - and with more and more distraction blockers being built into phones on an OS level, I think we are returning to a more focussed, intentional, purposeful - and hopefully more quality use of our time.

Which of these 6 time traps is eating up all your time?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

606 days ago

This is great 👌

And might I add, for the last graphic, another layer would of course be measures such as Vitamin D, Zinc, and especially Herbal Medicine.

Covid-19 Bullshit Exposed in 5 Simple Graphics

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

617 days ago

What an excellent article. We use berberine in TCM, usually in its whole herb form. The 3 herbs most frequently used are known as "the three yellows" and are quite simply some of my favourite "secret weapon" herbs.

Despite the wonders of this compound and its herbs - the herbs than contain it are among the "coldest" we use, and therefore should not be used long term or without supervision.

Despite that, from diabetes to Alzheimer's to SIBO to lung conditions to cholesterol, from the TCM perspective these are loosely all grouped under the "Damp Heat" (I call it Humidity) or "Phlgem" condition umbrellas, and the logic in successfully treating these conditions is well predicted in TCM theory (cold and dry herbs treat Dampness and Heat!)

When prescribed properly these herbs are seriously powerhouses, this article just gave me even more respect for them! ✨✨✨

Berberine: The Plant Alkaloid that Helps Treat Diabetes & Digestive Problems

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

668 days ago

This one is important. Violence and looting don't just erupt from nowhere.

Chicago protests and looting confused America. The media moved on, but inequality remains.

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

700 days ago

How to talk to conspiracy theorists—and still be kind

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

710 days ago

In Chinese Medicine there are generally 2 types of low libido/impotence.

Loosely, one is actual deficiency of reproductive "fire" (Yang), as commonly seen in older/elderly populations.

The other is the *much* more common (at least in my clinical experience) "Stagnation of Qi" (function) type.

Besides poor diet and stress, the primary cause of this Stagnation is "unfulfilled desires/expectations". This psychosomatic pattern has been recognized for centuries.

And is in essence precisely what this article is describing.

While we still treat the root of the concern (in these cases relationships/lifestyle/mental health - my particular areas of expertise) we almost always loosen things up or thaw things from the subconscious through the use of acupuncture & ancient herbal formulas.

In fact in my experience it's even quite common for libido issues to manifest as even physical complaints such as yeast infections or pain during sex when in reality it's often signals that your physical body is "rejecting" aspects of your partner - these are almost always "sequela" of Qi Stagnation and easily predictable.

Interesting stuff!

It's obviously a wide topic - what are your thoughts in this more vulnerable topic? 👇

It's Not Low Libido : A Psychologist On 7 Issues Often Confused For Low Libido

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

724 days ago

It's this type of stuff - the lived experience of our own psychological experiences and reality that integrates or pushes back against aspects of new age spirituality that we need more of.

Aside from Christianity our Western world has lost its way spiritually in my opinion, which is why seekers look to other cultures and traditions to piecemeal a sense of meaning back together again.

I really think that modern psychology is the closest thing we have to a new emerging path, especially forms like DBT which deeply incorporate mindfulness.

This is a developing thought, so I may be uneducated here, but seeing articles like this feel very grounding to me!

What Toxic Spirituality Sounds Like

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

755 days ago

Be Aware of the Quiet Ones like Keanu Reeves — They Are the Ones That Actually Make You Think

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

755 days ago

Could the Coronavirus Be Weakening as It Spreads?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

761 days ago

Give Up These Things If You Feel Like You’re Stuck in Life or Had Enough

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

762 days ago

Brain Fog? New Research Says Inflammation to Blame

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

777 days ago

What’s The Difference Between A Drinking Habit And An Alcohol Addiction?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

779 days ago

You Aren’t Communicating Nearly Enough

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

780 days ago

When Will It Be Safe to End Coronavirus Lockdowns?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

780 days ago

If You Found That ‘Plandemic’ Video Convincing, Read This Too

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

790 days ago

"During your average day in the human brain, neurons are constantly firing and neurotransmitters are traveling well-trodden paths through the brain, somewhat like cars on a freeway.

"Previous research has shown that new networks appear in tandem. It's as if those cars on the freeway were given free rein to stray from the highway and take back roads towards new destinations.

"The models showed that the brain is able to tap into new networks by coupling the effects of neuron activity and the release of neurotransmitters, like serotonin."

Have you tried microdosing? What's your experience? Any effect on depression? 🍄👇

Neuroscientists uncover how magic mushrooms "rebalance" the brain

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

801 days ago

Think This Pandemic Is Bad? We Have Another Crisis Coming

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

818 days ago

Chomsky: Ventilator Shortage Exposes the Cruelty of Neoliberal Capitalism

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

844 days ago

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

856 days ago

This. This sums it all up.

Settler governments are breaking international law, not Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs, say 200 lawyers, legal scholars

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

878 days ago

The results of the study showed that higher levels of maternal stress during pregnancy (such as a divorce or moving to a new house) were associated with increased attention deficit/hyperactivity problems in children over 2 years later. These findings suggest that stressful events experienced during prenatal development may be associated with problematic child behavioral functioning years later – although additional research is needed.

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

884 days ago

Wow... The importance of this can't be overstated.

Top Risk Factor for Mental Disorders Identified

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

886 days ago

Acupuncture alleviates cancer pain and reduces opioid use. Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 14 randomized controlled trials and conclude that acupuncture reduces pain levels for patients with cancer. [1] In addition, the research indicates that opioid use may decrease significantly as a result of acupuncture analgesic treatments. The research was published in JAMA Oncology

Acupuncture Cancer Pain Relief Confirmed

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

935 days ago

“We’re in an interesting time when it comes to UI, things are converging more and more,” says Friedman. “I like to think that back in the Metro design days we started with this idea of simplification... and that’s gotten friendlier over time, which we’ve embraced with round people, rounded corners, and subtle drop shadows, and dark mode. I think generally speaking when we look at Android, iOS, the web, Windows, and Mac, there is a common DNA from a visual design perspective we’re starting to feel.”

Microsoft wants everyone to follow its lead with its new mobile design

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

939 days ago

One of the best articles I've seen on subtle psychological abuse tactics.

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

939 days ago

I've been battling with fatigue after eating for some time now - and simply haven't made myself a priority to look it up until recently (what else is new, lol)

While nearly all of the mainstream articles I find are more or less useless (meaning, telling us what we already know, and basically saying "its normal, deal with it) this is definitely one of the better ones. (That said, to a degree I'm sure it *is* normal - many cultures take "siestas" for a reason!)

I'm currently deeply looking into Chinese Medicine patterns and finding a lot more to work with, and a huge number of herbal formulas. I've recently started on a new one, and will report back as this is super annoying to someone with a lot on the go!

Besides ensuring the basics (hydration, proper sleep, smaller portions, better chewing, digestion aides such as fennel seeds, walking etc) do you have any tips or tricks if you experience this?

12 Possible Reasons You May Feel Tired After Eating

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

1066 days ago

“Today one is hard-pressed to find anyone knowledgeable who believes that the so-called biological revolution of the 1980s made good on most or even any of its therapeutic and scientific promises.” Bio-psychiatry “overreached, overpromised, overdiagnosed, overmedicated and compromised its principles.”

But I thought it was Chinese Medicine that was unscientific hogwash? 🤔🙄🤐

Can Psychiatry Heal Itself?

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

1190 days ago

The forgotten art of squatting is a revelation for bodies ruined by sitting

Matt Walton (Daka Sky)

1208 days ago

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