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Daniel Alm

51 days ago

Benjamin Brooks highlights an important point about that subscriptions that often gets overlooked.

I don’t know the way forward, but I do know that subscriptions aren’t added to make more money — often you lose more money in the short term, with the payoff being stability in cash flow. So the next time you see something move to a subscription based model, know that they just turned away money, in favor of trying to stay in business for a lot longer to do what they love.

Subscription Attrition


Daniel Alm

94 days ago

This article by Matt Gemmell summarizes my feelings on subscriptions very well.

My favourite writing app, Ulysses, recently went subscription-only. I signed up. Subscriptions always court controversy, understandably. Here are a few thoughts.

Subscription Software


Daniel Alm

95 days ago

Every now and then I’ll get an email asking “do you have any advice on how to be a successful game developer?” This is weird, because it reminds me that I am a successful game developer - in my head I still treat this as a full-time hobby, and I’m just bumbling through.

But I am successful: Sokobond, A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, and Cosmic Express are all profitable, and more importantly they’re appreciated by players and by my peers. My company has enough money to pay contractors. I pay myself a tiny salary but I live frugally so I still have personal savings.

I’m a successful game developer?


Daniel Alm

99 days ago

We also have no doubt that any person or business that puts a lot of work into what they are doing and builds up an excellent reputation, is going to end up drawing business to them. Make people happy and the money will follow.

Why A Lifestyle Business Beats a Startup


Daniel Alm

113 days ago

Words to live by.

Wasting time


Daniel Alm

134 days ago

Productivity eats happiness for breakfast


Daniel Alm

143 days ago

Lead Bullets


Daniel Alm

154 days ago

What It’s Like Leaving the Corporate World to Start My Own Business


Daniel Alm

160 days ago

Lessons I've Learned from Three Million Downloads


Daniel Alm

228 days ago

David Cain:

A tiny article about Stoicism has had a significant influence on my life since I read it. Maybe for the first time in my adult life, I don’t feel like I’m wasting much of my time. I feel unusually prepared to do difficult things.

It was a short personal essay by Elif Batuman, about how reading Epictetus helped her through a strained relationship, political turmoil in her country of residence, and other messy or insoluble worldly concerns.

The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At


Daniel Alm

230 days ago

Tons of great, actionable tips in this article.

How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To


Daniel Alm

253 days ago

Derek Sivers on setting things in perspective:

I’ve met a lot of famous musicians.

The miserable ones were upset they weren’t more famous, bitterly comparing themselves to the superstars.

The happiest ones were thrilled to be able to make a living making music.

Think like a bronze medalist, not silver


Daniel Alm

254 days ago

How to Tell Your Product’s Story


Daniel Alm

268 days ago

Curtis Herbert openly shares (including numbers) his experience advertising his app via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and App Store search ads, with encouraging results. A must-read if you want to try paid acquisition for your app.

Slopes Diaries #18: That Dirty M Word


Daniel Alm

279 days ago

Well said by Amy Hoy.

There’s just ONE THING that really, TRULY matters, and it is understanding your audience so well they think you made your product just for them.

Your Marketing Can Suck If You Get This Right


Daniel Alm

282 days ago

It's great to hear that Piezo's and Dash's sales have stayed roughly the same since leaving the Mac App Store. This is a good reminder that we are less dependent on Apple than we might think. I'm even reconsidering whether I should try selling Timing 2 via the Mac App Store at all.

Making More Outside the App Store


Daniel Alm

335 days ago

Great advice by Derek Sivers. Balancing a day job and your passion let's you fully concentrate on the passion in your spare time, without the need (and pressure!) to monetize it.

How to do what you love and make good money


Daniel Alm

380 days ago

Has our enslavement to dopamine — to the instant hits of validation that come with a well-crafted tweet or Snapchat streak — made us happier? I suspect it has simply made us less unhappy, or rather less aware of our unhappiness, and that our phones are merely new and powerful antidepressants of a non-pharmaceutical variety.

I Used to Be a Human Being


Daniel Alm

412 days ago

On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant


Daniel Alm

412 days ago

Book Summaries: Popular Books Summarized in 3 Sentences or Less


Daniel Alm

422 days ago

A great way to create a sales narrative, be it in a pitch deck or on your marketing website. And thanks to the step-by-step process, it is really easy to follow and applicable to nearly every business.

The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen


Daniel Alm

422 days ago

I am an Indie Dev - Part 3


Daniel Alm

452 days ago

10 Affordable Cities To Live Abroad And Work For Yourself


Daniel Alm

499 days ago

Having Fun in the Pit of Despair


Daniel Alm

526 days ago

I found your passion


Daniel Alm

527 days ago

How to survive your first year creating a business.


Daniel Alm

553 days ago

Fighting Founders Depression


Daniel Alm

562 days ago

System Design Cheatsheet


Daniel Alm

596 days ago

How World War III became possible


Daniel Alm

596 days ago

Product Hunt’s Rise


Daniel Alm

601 days ago

State of the Art JavaScript in 2016


Daniel Alm

632 days ago

#185: Pluralizing Words Using .stringsdict Files ??


Daniel Alm

695 days ago

The idea in this post is not new, but still very true. -- Some other food for thought: if you're solving a problem that is really _pain_ful for your users, you're probably on to something.

Pain = Validation


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