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Future PhD candidate @ MSTU Stankin; Robotics Engineer; Newbie Photographer; Amateur BMX Rider.

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Kirill Morozov

164 days ago

Extremely helpful reference.

A developer’s guide to interviewing

Kirill Morozov

369 days ago

Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years

Kirill Morozov

373 days ago

Agile в небольших командах — как красиво сломать себе шею

Kirill Morozov

421 days ago

Lessons from 3,000 technical interviews… or how what you do after graduation matters way more than where you went to school

Kirill Morozov

487 days ago

Местные деньги и география роботизированного мира

Kirill Morozov

508 days ago

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

Kirill Morozov

521 days ago

Полное практическое руководство по Docker: с нуля до кластера на AWS

Kirill Morozov

528 days ago

Seems like a good idea.

How To Invest In Yourself.

Kirill Morozov

593 days ago

What is a Photographer?

Kirill Morozov

612 days ago

How do I learn robotics from scratch? What are some good resources & websites, and how much time will it take?

Kirill Morozov

647 days ago

Алгоритм Метромарафона. Как аналитик Яндекса просчитал, что все станции можно посетить за один день

Kirill Morozov

689 days ago

9 Tips for Breaking into Photojournalism

Kirill Morozov

694 days ago

This article will be very useful for certain people.

The real cost of robotics

Kirill Morozov

697 days ago

It's not just a review.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro Review

Kirill Morozov

704 days ago

On Cliches and Photo Ideas

Kirill Morozov

705 days ago

How I quit my smartphone addiction and really started living

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