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Paul Jacobson

42 days ago

We've seen the Medium post sharing findings from a white paper discussion the risks of running and cycling. This post is a reminder that the paper isn't peer reviewed, and may not be accurate.

Be Careful Sharing This Viral Simulation—It’s Not an Actual Scientific Study

Paul Jacobson

124 days ago

The more time I spend with the block editor, the more I agree that it's a fast superior editing experience. It's still catching up with some aspects of the Classic editor. For the most part, though, it's way ahead.

Disrupting WordPress

Paul Jacobson

209 days ago

This is a really interesting part about the state of the Web today, and the dynamics that are changing it fundamentally.

Where We Go From Here: 10 Thoughts on the Immediate Future of the Web

Paul Jacobson

348 days ago

Sobering, cautionary tale about digital surveillance that we so freely opt into.

WeChat Is Watching

Paul Jacobson

365 days ago


If PHP Were British

Paul Jacobson

387 days ago

This is certainly an "interesting" peek at Facebook's 2018-2019.

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook

Paul Jacobson

392 days ago

Powerful letter after another horrendous attack on a Jewish community.

A Terrorist Tried to Kill Me Because I Am a Jew. I Will Never Back Down.

Paul Jacobson

420 days ago

If you ever wondered what it's like to grow up in a wealthy family, this is a good read!

What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend

Paul Jacobson

426 days ago

Interesting perspectives on the F-35. I can see why air forces are so keen on this fighter.

F-35: What The Pilots Say

Paul Jacobson

428 days ago

This is a really interesting perspective on social media, and Facebook in particular. Is it possible to moderate your use of Facebook, and avoid the aspects that leave you wanting to run screaming from it?

How to quit Facebook without quitting Facebook

Paul Jacobson

432 days ago

I enjoyed this overview of how Jamie uses Vim. I started experimenting with it not too long ago, even started the built-in tutorial.

I didn't finish the tutorial, and I don't think I retained much from what I did. Still, I couldn't help but get the feeling that learning how to use Vim could be enormously helpful.

Writing with Vim

Paul Jacobson

433 days ago

I do a lot of walking in my city, it's how I get around most of the time.

Walking Might Be the Best Exercise There Is

Paul Jacobson

433 days ago

Just a little ironic that Trump would use this opportunity to interfere with next month's Israeli elections.

Trump just made a highly controversial decision about Israel — again

Paul Jacobson

469 days ago

I'm so one of these people!

If You Can't Stand The Sound of People Chewing, Blame Your Brain

Paul Jacobson

485 days ago

Terrific perspective on social media usage!

The best way to use social media is to act like a 19th-century Parisian

Paul Jacobson

523 days ago

I'm not a runner, but reading this, I wish I was.

When Your Body Says No

Paul Jacobson

525 days ago

Love this idea. I've been aiming due this for some time now.

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites

Paul Jacobson

572 days ago

Interesting read, although moving off Google services and Android would work out to be a ridiculously expensive exercise for me, even if I felt strongly about this (I'm actually pretty comfortable being a cog in Google's ad machine at the moment).

Kev Quirk

Paul Jacobson

676 days ago

This is some pretty remarkable CSS design!

Responsive Blue Note Album sleeves recreated in the browser using HTML and CSS

Paul Jacobson

715 days ago

So smart!

How Firefox is using Pocket to try to build a better news feed than Facebook

Paul Jacobson

719 days ago

I enjoyed this account of a foray into coding. I'm tempted to go back to Python and start learning again.

Code to joy

Paul Jacobson

730 days ago

Great advice to deal with our destructive self-doubt and self-criticism.

Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Paul Jacobson

765 days ago

Very insightful read about the modern US Presidency.

What if the problem isn’t the president—it’s the presidency?

Paul Jacobson

883 days ago

I want even aware of this initiative, brilliant!

Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter

Paul Jacobson

897 days ago

Vim’s Big Idea

Paul Jacobson

908 days ago

Great perspectives on Ember.js

Why DockYard Builds with Ember.js

Paul Jacobson

915 days ago

Pretty good roundup of the major JavaScript Frameworks

Web Frameworks: Conclusions

Paul Jacobson

929 days ago

Helpful perspectives on the major JavaScript Frameworks

Javascript Frameworks: A futile attempt at objectivity

Paul Jacobson

930 days ago

Sometimes I wonder if we've made any real progress?

Brave Enough to Be Angry

Paul Jacobson

955 days ago

A powerful critique of Twitter

One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end

Paul Jacobson

956 days ago

Definitely worth a try!

How to Use npm as a Build Tool

Paul Jacobson

970 days ago

I'm an Impostor

Paul Jacobson

983 days ago


An open letter to the W3C Director, CEO, team and membership

Paul Jacobson

993 days ago

This review mirrors my thoughts about this course. I'm glad I've done it.

Thoughts on “Git A Web Developer Job” Udemy Course by Brad Schiff

Paul Jacobson

999 days ago

Is Vanilla JavaScript worth learning? Absolutely.

Paul Jacobson

1013 days ago


Guys, it’s time to grow up

Paul Jacobson

1013 days ago

I enjoyed this perspective on web development.

Rethinking web design

Paul Jacobson

1027 days ago

I've been playing with Firefox Nightly and it hints at a remarkable improvement.

Inside Mozilla: Firefox fights back

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