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Nicole Rovig

6 days ago

The best way to get over a rough period is to work harder. #leadership #goals #Focus #strategic #Hardwork #results

Want to Succeed? Don't Obsess Over Your Goal: Focus Relentlessly On Your Process

Nicole Rovig

15 days ago

Bring out the best in each of those who reports directly to you and also bring out the best in the organization you are privileged to lead. #leadership #Humility #DiversityandInclusion

12 Quotes From Amazing Leaders

Nicole Rovig

19 days ago

Self-aware leaders know what they don't know. #leadership #selfawareness #Productivity

Want to Be a More Self-Aware Leader? Pay Attention to These 5 Critical Things

Nicole Rovig

21 days ago

It’s not radical moments of action that give us long-lasting, permeating change — it’s the restructuring of our habits. #leadership #Productivity #SelfImprovement

You Don’t Need a Breakthrough, You Need a Microshift

Nicole Rovig

28 days ago

The best leaders are excellent listeners who are adaptive to employees' needs. #leadership #Management #productivity

3 Ways Leaders Can Become Outstanding Advocates For Their Team

Nicole Rovig

29 days ago

People Support or Resist Change based on How It Affects Them. #leadership #Productivity #changemanagement

Post 008: Three Immutable Truths about Resistance to Change (and What to Do About Them)

Nicole Rovig

33 days ago

10 tips for being your own best advocate

Nicole Rovig

35 days ago

Five Emerging Trends for the Future of the Software Development

Nicole Rovig

37 days ago

Do the right things in the morning that will make your energy and self-control last as long as possible. #Productivity #leadership #SelfImprovement #Focus

Having a fruitful day is all about learning the art of self-control

Nicole Rovig

39 days ago

Seeing opportunities in everyday obstacles is a typical trait of entrepreneurs. #Entrepreneur #leadership #productive #SelfImprovement

4 Great Entrepreneurial Traits That You Should Adopt in 2018

Nicole Rovig

41 days ago

Hundreds laid down their lives for thousands of strangers. #leadership #AlwaysRemember #Honor911 #HonorTheFallen

9/11: 'A gray cloud of debris rolled violently toward us...'

Nicole Rovig

42 days ago

Focus your time and energy on what matters most. #SelfImprovement #productivity #Leadership #Focus

7 Thinking Habits of Mentally-Strong People

Nicole Rovig

44 days ago

Progress towards business agility correlates positively with the level of #leadership. #Productivity #Agile

What The C-Suite Must Do To Make The Whole Firm Agile

Nicole Rovig

46 days ago

21 Quotes That (If Applied) Change You Into a Better Person

Nicole Rovig

47 days ago

Having work with purpose is what workers value most. #leadership #retention #Productivity

Science Says 51 Percent of U.S. Employees Are Quitting Their Jobs Right Now. Try These 4 Strategies to Keep Them From Leaving

Nicole Rovig

48 days ago

Nothing but a relentless devotion to details will do. #leadership #Entrepreneur #GRIT #Motivation

How these 3 Detroit black women overcame all odds to succeed in business

Nicole Rovig

54 days ago

Try things. Learn things. Failure is the tuition you pay to become a master. #leadership #selfimprovement #Productivity

8 success quotes that will upgrade your thinking

Nicole Rovig

57 days ago

In an era when organizations are seeking new ways to attract and engage talent, an inclusive culture could be a differentiator for employers. #leadership #inclusion #DiversityandInclusion

The Inclusion Imperative: Redefining Leadership

Nicole Rovig

63 days ago

Want Your Child to Be a High Achiever? This 47-Year Study Reveals 7 Things You Can Do

Nicole Rovig

65 days ago

This is What Happened When I Went Fishing with a World War II Veteran

Nicole Rovig

67 days ago

The best way to improve performance is to praise the slightest improvement. #leadership #Productivity

14 Ways To Guide Your B And C Players Toward 'A' Status

Nicole Rovig

70 days ago

Delaying gratification is paramount to success. #leadership #selfimprovement #Productivity #grateful

12 Things Mentally Strong People Do That Nobody Else Does

Nicole Rovig

72 days ago

Shift your focus on developing skills and abilities for the purpose of helping others. #leadership #selfimprovement #Productivity

10 Ways To Determine If You Have Healthy Or Destructive Passion

Nicole Rovig

74 days ago

Becoming Institutional Partners and Brokers: The New Role for IT

Nicole Rovig

78 days ago

Great teams thrive on trust. #leadership #team

Google Spent Years Studying Successful Teams. Here's the 1 Thing That Mattered Most

Nicole Rovig

79 days ago

5 tips to help improve your life in 2 years

Nicole Rovig

80 days ago

6 Ways to Be Awesome Even When You Think You're Just Average

Nicole Rovig

82 days ago

The Five Golden Rules Of Communication

Nicole Rovig

85 days ago

Google Managers Use This Simple Framework to Coach Employees

Nicole Rovig

89 days ago

It’s important to build yourself a large network of supportive friends. #leadership #Productivity #selfimprovement

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Quickly, According to Science

Nicole Rovig

90 days ago

It's feelings and emotions that drive human behavior. #leadership #EmotionalIntelligence #Productivity

Asking These 9 Questions Will Instantly Reveal What Employees Think of Their Boss

Nicole Rovig

91 days ago

5 Belief Shifts That Will Take You From Stagnating to Soaring

Nicole Rovig

92 days ago

Lead change to build a healthier culture and a more profitable business. #leadership #Productivity

The 20/60/20 Rule: How to Handle Misaligned Employees

Nicole Rovig

94 days ago

6 Communication Tips to Keep Employees Engaged During Change

Nicole Rovig

98 days ago

The ability to be vulnerable and reflective are two qualities that separate great leaders. #leadership

3 Mistakes Every Leader Makes (and 3 Ways To Quickly Recover)

Nicole Rovig

103 days ago

If people are afraid of you and can’t see you as approachable, you’ll never be a successful leader. #leadership #accountability #SelfImprovement

Nicole Rovig

104 days ago

There really are not truly “easy” days for individuals and organizations seeking an existence of excellence. #leadership #Motivation

9 Navy SEAL Sayings That Will Improve Engagement And Accountability In Your Organization

Nicole Rovig

106 days ago

Seek out friendships with people who will lift you up. #leadership #MotivationMonday #SelfImprovement

7 Things You'll Notice the Happiest People Always Doing

Nicole Rovig

107 days ago

3 Powerful Ways To Uplift Yourself When You Hit A Low Point In Life

Nicole Rovig

109 days ago

The ability of the leader to anticipate and offer suggestions to avoid possible problems is priceless. #leadership

Strategies To Develop Your Leadership Skills

Nicole Rovig

112 days ago

Aiming for perfection is what causes people to stay stuck. #leadership #SelfImprovement #Productivity

How to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just What’s Urgent

Nicole Rovig

113 days ago

Focus on the few things that get you the most benefit. #Productivity #leadership ##SelfImprovement

To get real stuff done, focus on the 20% of your work that leads to 80% of your results

Nicole Rovig

117 days ago

The kind of team that can have a successful battle between viewpoints requires cognitive diversity. #leadership #perspective #DiversityandInclusion

What makes a great leader, explained in eight counterintuitive charts

Nicole Rovig

120 days ago

Becoming 1% better every day is a simple, practical way to achieve big goals. #SelfImprovement #leadership

The neuroscience of change: How to train your brain to create better habits

Nicole Rovig

121 days ago

It’s not finding gratitude that matters most; it’s remembering to look in the first place. #leadership #gratitude #Motivation

New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy

Nicole Rovig

124 days ago

Those who can analyze data, structure and validate data sets, use digital tools and algorithms, and forecast effectively will be in high demand. #leaders #data #technology #Growth

The Death of Supply Chain Management

Nicole Rovig

124 days ago

These are the 5 “super skills” you need for jobs of the future

Nicole Rovig

125 days ago

Learn the art of solitude. #leadership #personalgrowth #Perspective

The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

Nicole Rovig

129 days ago

We are the average of the people that we spend the most time with. #leadership #perspective #Humble

28 Successful Executives Share the Best Advice They Received From Their Dads

Nicole Rovig

133 days ago

In order for you to truly be open, you must be humble. #leadership

To have what you want, you must give up what’s holding you back

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