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Nicole Rovig

4 days ago

Continue learning and trying new things and expanding yourself and re-inventing. #leadership #SelfImprovement #humility #Growth

The Only Way To “Wake Up” And Become Unstoppable

Nicole Rovig

9 days ago

Become an expert at the “context” of your field - learn the rules so you can strategically break them. #leadership #SelfImprovement #strategy

13 Ways to Get Others Financially and Emotionally Invested in Your Goals

Nicole Rovig

17 days ago

These 5 Things Stand Between You and Finding Work-Life Balance

Nicole Rovig

19 days ago

When you give yourself time to really think about what you want to see happen, you start to get lots of insights into how to make it happen. #SelfImprovement #LeadFromWithin

This One Question Will Make Every Decision In Your Life Easier

Nicole Rovig

25 days ago

Nicole Rovig

29 days ago

See every challenge, every luxury, everything fun, boring, rad, sad, cool, drool…as a learning experience.#LeadFromWithin #Productivity #leadership

Fastest 17 Ways to Learn Something New

Nicole Rovig

37 days ago

If you really want your people to succeed, give them the guidance they need; then, get out of the way and watch them soar. #leadership

This NBA Coach's Unorthodox Move Is a Brilliant Lesson in Leadership

Nicole Rovig

39 days ago

How to Beat Perfectionism, Make Progress, and Find Happiness

Nicole Rovig

41 days ago

A letter to my younger self, about (real) happiness

Nicole Rovig

49 days ago

Take a step back and focus on the employee as a human being--moving beyond the tactical to understand the big picture. #leadership

5 Steps to a Great 1:1 Meeting

Nicole Rovig

54 days ago

Be you. Focus on you.
Do what you need to do, first. #selfimprovement #LeadFromWithin

9 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

Nicole Rovig

55 days ago

Make your values non-negotiable. #leadership #values

This 1 Quote Describes the Most Important Trait You Can Have as a Leader

Nicole Rovig

58 days ago

Treat mistakes as learning opportunities. #leadership

Don't Be Afraid to Be Vulnerable: 6 Ways to Build Trust With Your Team

Nicole Rovig

61 days ago

It is important for your leadership team to embody the brand you want to be. #leadership #culture

5 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

Nicole Rovig

63 days ago

You can learn, grow, and evolve, becoming the leader you want to be. #leadership #LeadFromWithin

You can learn, grow, and evolve, becoming the leader you want to be.

Science Says These Factors Determine Good Leadership

Nicole Rovig

65 days ago

These 5 New Marketing Trends Are Dominating 2018

Nicole Rovig

66 days ago

Being about something far greater than yourself is the most beautiful way to live. #leadership #Values #relationships

You Love What You Invest Yourself In

Nicole Rovig

68 days ago

Make it a habit to introduce yourself to people who cross your path. #leadership #selfimprovement #positivity #timemanagement

10 Positive Habits That Will Immediately Make Life Better

Nicole Rovig

73 days ago

For a company to go in the right direction with the customer experience, it must start with the #leadership. #Values #EmotionalIntelligence

Leadership Lesson: It Comes From The Heart

Nicole Rovig

76 days ago

As a leader, and as a company, what you say certainly matters, but what you do is everything. #leadership

As a leader -- and as a company -- what you say certainly matters, but what you do is everything.

This Study of 400,000 People Reveals the 1 Reason Employees Work Harder (and It's Not Pay or Benefits or Culture Decks)

Nicole Rovig

78 days ago

Where you spend your time is where your values are. #leadership

The Insanely Simple Way to Prioritize Your Life and Work

Nicole Rovig

81 days ago


20+ Science Facts We Didn't Know at The Start of 2017

Nicole Rovig

82 days ago

Remove the nonessential and focus your time and energy on the things that matter the most. #LeadFromWithin #simplicity #selfimprovement

The Beauty of Simplicity — Living a Simpler Life

Nicole Rovig

84 days ago

Happier: The One Secret to Lasting Joy (Implement Immediately)

Nicole Rovig

85 days ago

Are you willing to question your own thought process and open yourself to believe an entirely new set of possibilities? #LeadFromWithin #leadership

How to open yourself to new possibilities.

Nicole Rovig

88 days ago

Keystone habits build momentum to make bigger changes. #leadership #LeadFromWithin #Motivation

How Building 1 Keystone Habit Can Transform Your Life

Nicole Rovig

89 days ago

This Is How You Train Your Brain To Get What You Really Want

Nicole Rovig

90 days ago

Having a mindfulness practice decreases our tendency to jump to conclusions and have knee-jerk reactions. #EmotionalIntelligence #LeadFromWithin

Having a mindfulness practice decreases our tendency to jump to conclusions and have knee-jerk reactions

Break the Cycle of Stress and Distraction by Using Your Emotional Intelligence

Nicole Rovig

93 days ago

Action creates inspiration. Forward progress creates #Motivation . Bold action reshapes your conscious and subconsious patterns. #LeadFromWithin

If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It

Nicole Rovig

95 days ago

Diversity in experience fuels #Diversity in thought. Live experimentally. #leadership #Motivation

77 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life

Nicole Rovig

97 days ago

Asking questions helps others to pause, reflect, and get clear with themselves about what the problem actually is. #leadership #emotionalintelligence

How the Best Leaders Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Nicole Rovig

99 days ago

Continual introspection brings successful, happy people to the top. #LeadFromWithin #selfimprovement #Motivation

50 Tough Questions You Never Ask Yourself, But Should

Nicole Rovig

100 days ago

You become successful by developing skills and abilities — and by using those skills to serve and provide value to others. #leadership

How To Succeed With People According To The Most Connected Man In Business

Nicole Rovig

101 days ago

If you’re with your friends, be with your friends. If you’re doing the dishes, do the dishes. #Leadfromtheheart #Leadership #Respect #SelfImprovement #discipline

There’s More Than Enough Time, When You Use The Time You Have

Nicole Rovig

103 days ago

Indecision is potentially your greatest threat. Live with intention. #LeadFromWithin #Growth #SelfImprovement #leadership

What Happens When You Take Full Responsibility of Your Life

Nicole Rovig

105 days ago

When you’re grateful for what you have, you will attract more of the positive and good. #leadership #selfimprovement #Motivation #timemanagement

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

Nicole Rovig

106 days ago

Life is too short for the wrong kinds of #friendship. #LeadFromWithin #Respect #Values

Aristotle’s Timeless Advice on What Real Friendship Is and Why It Matters

Nicole Rovig

107 days ago

Change starts on the inside because #leadership is a heart matter. #EmotionalIntelligence #Motivation

3 Unquestionable Behaviors Separating Great Leaders From Mere Bosses

Nicole Rovig

107 days ago

Making a rational decisions is precisely what you need to do in a difficult conversation.

How to Control Your Emotions During a Difficult Conversation

Nicole Rovig

110 days ago

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. What you focus on, grows. #LeadFromWithin #Focus #resilience

How to Permanently Change Any Behavior and Evolve Into the Best Version of Yourself

Nicole Rovig

111 days ago

Operate from the point-of-view of what others want. Ask, listen, and then act accordingly. #Leadership #EmotionalIntelligence

Screw The Golden Rule: Managers, Do Not Treat Employees The Way You'd Like To Be Treated. Here's Why

Nicole Rovig

112 days ago

You’re Making It Harder Than It Has To Be

Nicole Rovig

113 days ago

The most successful people out there are also the best learners; learn with a purpose. #LeadFromWithin #Focus #perspective

14 Strategies To Accelerate Your Personal Growth By 1,000%

Nicole Rovig

116 days ago

The Underutilized Power of Questions

Nicole Rovig

117 days ago

Macro-Focus: The Most Important Skill That Can Change Your Life

Nicole Rovig

119 days ago

the focus is not to push new technology, but to push new meaning.

How Design-Driven Innovation Will Surpass Technology in 2018

Nicole Rovig

120 days ago

Crazy successful people and people who survive tough situations are all overconfident. #leadership #selfconfidence

How to be resilient: 8 steps to success when life gets hard

Nicole Rovig

121 days ago

Why Most People Will Remain in Mediocrity

Nicole Rovig

123 days ago

Whether this #innovation is disruptive or incremental depends on the areas of operation. #technology #blockchain

Blockchain Consensus Requires Evolutionary Change

Nicole Rovig

125 days ago

Your relationship with technology can facilitate unthinkable opportunity and growth. #leadership #accountability

8 Proven Performance Practices from Billionaires and Elite Athletes

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